Week 8 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: Jahmyr Gibbs authors Monday Night Miracles

Jahmyr Gibbs #26 of the Detroit Lions. (Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images)

Week 8 is barely in the rearview mirror, but the sting of victory being snatched by the jaws of defeat is still very fresh — maybe even somewhat raw. That’s what this article is for: to deal with that — and it will be each week throughout the fantasy football season.

We put out the call to the fantasy football community for everyone’s Week 8 bad beats. Call it part-group therapy, part-group hug. Even a little bit screaming into the night. We’ve all had those bad beats that are so razor-thin they hurt like a paper cut with salt dumped on it.

This is to let everyone who had a bad beat know that they’re not alone. Time for us to commiserate in our shared misery.

Happy Halloween! We promise that, while these bad beats may be scary, they won't give you nightmares. We can't say the same for the fantasy managers who were dealt the losses. If only we could give them some candy to soothe the agony of defeat.

Jahmyr Gibbs was scary good

Maybe the winning margin for @jacobtbarker was a couple late Jahmyr Gibbs three-yard rushing attempts at the end, but doesn’t Gibbs also get style points for jumping into the stands after his touchdown? Lo siento mucho, King of the Hill. Tough one.

Detroit Lions Monday Night Miracle

Looks like Amon-Ra St. Brown on Monday Night Football wasn’t enough to offset the Lions rookie sensation, Sam LaPorta, having a big game. And kicker Riley Patterson put up a K1 week to clinch it. Sorry @jake_hixon — feel free to petition your league commissioner to drop the kicker.

Monday Nightmare on your street

Just when @Nocturnal thought it was fine to go to sleep after the amazing game from Sam Howell, the Monday nightmare of LaPorta and Josh Jacobs came out of nowhere to deal a bad beat. Freddy Krueger would like to offer up some advice for nightmares.

Almost Passed

Any team with A.J. Brown’s huge week should not lose. Unfortunately, @musquiz_albert needed one or two more completions from Jared Goff to finish a Monday Night Miracle. Maybe a little Halloween candy can do the trick?

Sit Puka Nacua, really?

Yes, @keepthebeat929 starting Rashid Shaheed instead of Puka Nacua would have done the trick. And if I could go back in time I'd take the winning lottery numbers with me.

Sit Patrick Mahomes for Sam Howell?

Apparently, @MNosiey is ready to petition the NFL to have Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have their bye week moved to this past Sunday. Let us know how that goes.

Chip Shots

Patterson goes for 17 points, is K1 and a missed chip shot is the difference? Maybe @bnick48 should have Will Ferrell talk to him to step it up.

Detroit’s Sad Sack

The last Lions sack brought down @keetmeer. Now you know how Sam Howell feels several times a week.