The Way Home Reveals Multiple Secrets in Another Eventful Episode

With The Way Home’s introduction of adult Jacob in Episode 5, every subsequent installment of the underrated Hallmark Channel drama has felt like it could easily double as a season finale. And this Sunday’s episode was no less packed with reveals and twists.

The hour got off to a heartbreaking start when adult Jacob, essentially, told Kat that he blocked out the memory of his real family to survive in 1814. The confession crushed Kat, who, in a desperate attempt to connect to the little brother she knew, called out, “See you later, alligator.”

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Jacob’s response was a punch in the gut: “Why didn’t you come for me sooner?”

Kat returned to her time to discover that life was just as complicated in the present. Del was contemplating an offer from Evelyn Goodwin’s family to buy the Landry land, which horrified Kat. But Del said she felt indebted to Evelyn after what happened at Lingermore. And after that incident, Del and Kat didn’t speak for 17 years. Hmm

Kat had been in 1814 for so long that she also didn’t know what was going on in her daughter’s life, like that Alice had a new crush. More importantly, Kat had no idea that Alice was going to 2007 to find out what went down at Lingermore until Elliot broke the news to her. (“I hope that you can forgive me,” Elliot ominously told Alice before she left.)

That kicked off another Kat and Elliot argument — I’ve lost count of how many they’ve had this season, to be honest — that escalated after Nick accidentally spilled the beans to Kat about Elliot cutting his trip short to win her back.

The Way Home Recap
The Way Home Recap

Elliot asked Kat about the mystery man in the past that she’s been mentioning, Thomas, and wondered if he’s always going to be her backup. Kat retorted that she can’t choose him first when he’s never honest about his feelings for her. He didn’t tell her how he felt as teenagers, and now she had to hear from Nick that he came home early for her. They keep missing their moment, Kat added, to which Elliot replied that maybe they’re just better off as friends.

“Is that really what you want?” Kat asked. Elliot answered by rushing toward her and kissing her. But the passionate moment was interrupted by Nick, who had discovered Elliot’s time-travel journal!

“What the hell is this?!” Nick demanded.

The Way Home Recap
The Way Home Recap

Meanwhile, in 2007, Kat was back in town after leaving Brady and convinced Elliot to throw a party at the Lingermore estate. Since it was a Halloween masquerade bash, Alice was able to mask up and also attend/spy. She overheard Kat confessing to Elliot that she got into a graduate journalism program in London, but her life with Brady feels so planned out. Elliot told her that she has to go, and she asked him to run away with her to London. He happily agreed, and they made plans to leave that night.

Kat later ran into Alice and admitted that she was wondering if she and Elliot could be something more. Faced with her possible impending non-existence, Alice told Elliot that he can’t let Kat leave, and that events in the past are somehow changing. Elliot, however, was determined not to miss his chance with Kat again. Unfortunately, Brady showed up at the party, and he and Elliot got into a fight, during which Kat was accidentally knocked into the pool, face down and bleeding. Well, damn.

The Way Home fans, what did you think of the eventful episode? Hit the comments with your theories!

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