Currently Throwing Up And Sliding Down A Wall After Reading All Of These Super Sweet Instagram Captions Gabby Sidibe's Husband Wrote About Her

Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe and her husband Brandon Frankel are the king and queen of social media public displays of affection, and it's gotten even sweeter since Gabby became pregnant.

Gabby and Brandon have been together for five years and celebrated their third wedding anniversary this year. Throughout their relationship, they've been pretty open about their love for each other — from deep smooches on BAEcation... letting people know they're permanently off the market, like Brandon did by tattooing Gabby's name on his thigh.

But, last month, after the pair announced they were expecting twins, the level of sentimental posts and captions seemed to skyrocket to a whole new mushy level...and Brandon played a big part in that.

They are both extremely excited to become first-time parents, so much so that Brandon warned his followers that he planned on making fatherhood his whole personality. He even changed his profile picture to show him practicing parenting with a plastic baby.

Brandon holding a plastic baby, beside text: Instagram profile of Brandon F, Talent Agent, with biography and follower details
Brandon Frankel / Instagram: @brandontour

What stood out to me the most was the heartwarming messages he would write Gabby, showing how grateful he was to have her in his life and to experience this new chapter of life together.

Please enjoy just a few of the posts that pulled at my heartstrings with extreme force:

"You radiate love and positivity."

Twitter: @GabbySidibe

"I love you three more than words will ever do justice."

"Pregnancy looks amazing on you!"

"If the way you love and put thought into me and the cats is any indication of the type of Mom you’ll be, I can’t even imagine how above and beyond you’ll go for these two."

"My heart is so full."

Twitter: @brandontour

"I'm officially a full-on stan account."

Ugh, I love love...