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Wax melts are getting so realistic, they’re giving TikTokers trust issues: ‘This is a crime’

A quirky new trend has popped up on TikTok, and it has a lot of people doing double-takes.

People are making hyper-realistic wax melts disguised as common foods freshly prepared and ready to be eaten. But by the end of the TikTok, they’re typically placed above a heated flame, where they quickly melt down into candle wax.

Many of these wax melt videos are so deceptive that it feels like you’re watching a mouthwatering food video until the last few seconds.

In some videos, TikTokers act as if they’re preparing a stovetop meal. The food looks so realistic that the audience can practically taste it through their screens.

At the very end of the video, once the pieces of food melt down into a scented puddle of wax — you can’t help but be surprised.

In others, the food looks like it’s already prepared when the TikToker unwraps it, as if it were last night’s leftovers, and serves up a small piece.

However, it isn’t long before the jig is up here, too, and the food melts down into its original form.

These videos have become so popular that if you search #waxmelts or #uniquewaxmelts on TikTok, you’ll see they’ve already gotten billions of views.

Each one looks more mouthwatering than the next. (Even though a real bite into one of these displays would taste straight-up awful.)

Many times, the videos feature pretend breakfast foods, like pancakes, eggs or waffles. And, to add to their authenticity, TikTokers match the scents to the wax item, which inevitably fills the room with delicious aromas.

“Every time I see your videos I think that is real food,” one TikToker told @cravings4candles.

“knew it was too good to b true,” added another user, who was also fooled.

On another viral clip, one person said it took them “way to long to realize this wasn’t cookie dough.”

“I just was about to ask for a recipe,” said another.

On many of these videos, there are always a handful of commenters who seem to be fed up with the trend. Many even throw their hands up after watching them and declare that they’re “done” falling for these traps.

“this was my last straw,” one person declared.


But there are still a ton of TikTokers who appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into creating each and every one of these realistic-looking wax melts.

“I don’t comment a lot but I watch every single thing you post and I’m blown away every time,” one person shared after watching a TikToker make “wax melt” brownies.

“So talented,” said another.

“I actually googled if I would die from eating wax,” another person admitted. “I’m ready to risk it.”

We’re willing to bet that every doctor and medical board out there would strongly advise against that. However, we can totally understand why so many people are getting fooled by these little works of art.

“My mouth WATERED,” one TikToker admitted after seeing the pecan brownies. “This is a crime.”

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