Watch: Mexicans remember their ancestors on the Day of the Dead

Families gathered at the Santa María Atzompa cemetery in Oaxaca on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning for the annual Day of the Dead festivities dedicated to the memory of their late loved ones.

Wrapped in the scent of orange marigold flowers and bathed in the golden light of thousands of candles, each year Mexicans celebrate this festivity sharing time and memories with their families by the graves of their dearly departed.

Families usually hold vigils for and share a meal with their dead, who, according to tradition, pay them a visit at night, entering the land of the living.

It is believed that the petals and the scent of the marigold flower guide them back from the land of the dead.

The celebration is a Mexican tradition passed down from one generation to the next binding families together.

The Day of the Dead is one of Mexico's most colourful holidays.