Watch: ‘Joy, excitement’ on display as boy lands first trophy bass

A young angler named Knox is clearly hooked when it comes to bass fishing.

The accompanying footage, shared Monday by Bass Pro Shops, shows the boy reeling to shore his first trophy-size bass at PawPaw’s Pond in Arkansas.

“Congrats on the catch, Knox!” Bass Pro Shops exclaimed via X.

While the catch of a 5.5-pound bass is impressive, the gleeful reactions of Knox and his family throughout the footage represent the true video highlights.

“This is huge!” Knox, almost in disbelief, says after the fish is brought ashore. “This is a trophy!”

Reads a top comment: “The joy and excitement! That young man is going to be hooked for life! Let’s get more kids and youth fishing.”

Bass Pro Shops shared the same footage via TikTok last week, however, and some of the viewers’ input was less enthusiastic.

“I catch 8-pound bass every day,” one viewer lied.

“Pond doesn’t count,” another dismissed.

But criticism and expressions of jealously are to be expected whenever a quality catch is shared via social media.

For Knox, who is shown releasing the bass at the end of the footage, this was a moment he’s bound to treasure for some time.

–Bass Pro Shops credited Shana Leigh for the footage

Story originally appeared on For The Win