Watch: Carefree Asian dad sleeping on plane floor wins praise on TikTok


A New York-based influencer has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a clip of her father sleeping on the floor of an airplane during a flight.

What happened: The video, which was posted on Oct. 16, shows TikTok user Natalie Bright’s father — in jeans and a plaid button-down shirt — sleeping soundly on the carpet under their seats during a 15-hour economy flight.

“You have your airport dad, I have my Asian dad,” Bright, 41, wrote in the on-screen text. “Flying economy for 15 hours? No problem.”

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What people are saying: Bright's video has amassed over 7.3 million views since its posting. Many TikTok users praised her father's travel life hack, especially how he did it with flight attendants walking around.

Others were more surprised by how he endured a 15-hour flight in jeans. One TikTok user wrote, “Jeans for 15 hours is absolutely insane,” while another quipped, “Not the jeans for 15 hours.”

Meanwhile, a former flight attendant warned people about airplane floors, writing in their comment, “You don’t want to know what I have seen on those carpets.”

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Common policy: Sleeping on an airplane floor is generally not permitted as it could endanger the passenger themself. Others may also be injured, as in the possible case of tripping after accidentally stepping on the sleeping person when lights are off.

There are certain safety regulations that require passengers to remain seated or be in a designated area during their flight. When in doubt, notify flight attendants.

Hygiene concerns: Aside from safety issues, it is also unhygienic to sleep on a plane's floor. Taylor Garland, a spokesperson for the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, told The Points Guy that carpets are only occasionally vacuumed between flights.

Trending on NextShark: Watch: Carefree Asian dad sleeping on plane floor wins praise on TikTok

Each airline has their own schedule for deep-cleaning their planes. Some companies reportedly do it once a month, while others do it once after several flights.


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