Primary school lockdown lifted after gunfire scare

Richard Wainwright/AAP PHOTOS

Police have told residents in Perth's northern suburbs there is no threat to their safety after multiple reports of gunfire sent a primary school into lockdown.

The public was told to remain indoors on Wednesday after shots were heard in the Clarkson area, 35km north of Perth.

That warning was cancelled about 4.30pm and no evidence of shots being fired has been found.

The first report of the suspected gunshots was made about midday, with more shots heard about 2.40pm local time.

Tactical Response Group officers are believed to have responded to the incident and streets were cordoned off.

Clarkson Primary School was locked down while officers searched the grounds but they were unable to find where the sounds came from.

The school lockdown was lifted about 1.15pm but reinstated after the second lot of shots was reported.

It remained in lockdown for about an hour before parents were allowed to collect their children amid a heavy police presence.

A local worker who wished to remain anonymous told AAP he heard "three bursts of rapid loud bangs" on two occasions;

"I thought it was just a car backfiring and thought nothing of it initially," he said.

"Then I heard the police sirens and realised there was a lot more to it."

Police continue to investigate the reports.