The Voice Recap: A 4-Chair Turn Comes Up Short as Season 25’s Blinds Wrap

As The Voice concluded its Season 25 Blind Auditions Tuesday night, Chance the Rapper, John Legend, Reba McEntire and new coaches Dan + Shay all finished filling up their teams. But which of them recruited the evening’s most impressive contender? Read on, and we’ll discuss not only her but the four-chair turn for whom there just weren’t enough chairs to turn.

the voice best performances mashup getty
the voice best performances mashup getty

The Voice’s Best Performances of All Time, Ranked: The Good, the Badass and the Downright Amazing

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Val T. Webb (Team Chance), “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” — Grade: A | At first, this 43-year-old background singer’s cover of Deborah Cox’s ballad sounded just lovely; it was marvelously easy listening. But toward the end of the number, she really let loose and revealed a voice that was much bigger and bolder than we or the coaches could’ve realized. At that point, she got all four chairs turned in her direction. (Hear why below.)

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Kyle Schuesler (Team Dan + Shay), “The Scientist” — Grade: B+ | Rocking an ascot, this 19-year-old poured so much angst into Coldplay, and seemingly effortlessly, that he sparked what would’ve been a four-chair turn, Chance said, had his team not have just been filled up. D’oh! Taking a page from Gwen Stefani’s playbook, Reba told Kyle that his voice was very relaxing and soothing. So basically chamomile tea for the ears.

L. Rodgers (Team Reba), “Wild Horses” — Grade: C+ | “I’m actually Mrs. Rodgers,” this 34-year-old joked before her tryout. “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Between that and the memorable look, I loved her already. The self-described “weird girl,” who eventually discovered that she’s autistic, picked a hella tough song — no place to hide on the Stones’ ballad. But at the last second, Reba remembered that she had to turn her chair if she wanted to recruit L., who’d won her over with her “emotion, range, clarity, power.” Maybe I wasn’t listening closely enough?

Olivia Rubini (Team Legend), “Long Long Time” — Grade: B | The daughter of a record producer, Olivia said in her pre-interview that her sound was “old ’70s… but also fun pop” a la Miley. And was it, actually? Well, halfway. It doesn’t get more ’70s than tackling Linda Ronstadt. Overall, Olivia’s vocal seemed kinda controlled but forgettable till she went big and revealed more range than I’d guessed was there. In her coach’s estimation, “the only time you messed up was you got a little bit shaken by me turning around.”

So, which contestant(s) really dazzled you Tuesday? Vote in the poll below, then answer in the comments: Which coach do you think has assembled the strongest team?

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