Virginia GOP Sends Voters ‘Explicit’ Flier Attacking Democrat Susanna Gibson

Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Twitter
Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Twitter

Virginia’s Republican Party mailed voters in the state’s 57th district explicit material about Democratic state House candidate Susanna Gibson, who was the subject of a scandal last month when The Washington Post reported that she had sex with her husband in front of a live audience on the website Chaturbate. Later, The Washington Free Beacon shared screenshots of her videos. Gibson denounced this, saying that her political opponents had committed a sex crime in order to silence her. According to NBC12, the mailed envelopes were labeled, “explicit material enclosed” and warned, “Do not open if you are under the age of 18.” The mailer contained “two pieces of paper with censored quotes and screenshots from Gibson’s public porn livestream.” A Reddit user shared its contents and wrote that the screenshot was cut off below Gibson’s shoulders. Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Rich Anderson defended the party’s decision, stating, “Polling now shows her to be 11 points behind her Republican opponent [David Owen]... The mail piece corrects her false statements using already-published mainstream media news accounts.” Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin later said, “This candidate’s personal life is something that that candidate needs to explain to people.” According to The Daily Dot, Gibson’s campaign responded that Republicans “are trying to distract voters from their extreme agenda.”

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