A New 'Virgin River' Photo Featuring Charmaine Is Causing a Big Stir Online

virgin river
'Virgin River' Fans Are in a Frenzy Over New PhotoCourtesy of Netflix

We're a month away from the holiday-themed episodes of Virgin River. While fans wait for the answers to some big questions, like the identity of Mel's father, but there's one storyline that demands a resolution: Charmaine's pregnancy.

Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) found out she was pregnant with twins in season 1. Now in season 5, fans are understandably impatient to move on. The show's official Instagram account shared a photo of Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) with their hands on Charmaine's baby bump with the caption, "Who else had their jaw drop to the floor when they discovered the true identity of Charmaine's babies daddy? Talk about a plot twist!🤯🍼 #DaddyDramaUnveiled #ShockingSecrets."

Fans did not hold back in the comments section. They left messages like:

  • "How is it even possible for her pregnancy to have dragged on for 5 seasons?! Love the show but that storyline is ludicrously dragged out and at this rate the show will be over before her pregnancy ends 😂"

  • "Not as shocked as I am over the fact that she is still pregnant in season 5…."

  • "I’ve read all the books and I can’t see why they couldn’t have just stuck to the storylines in them, rather than just coming up with unrealistic crazy plots."

  • "This plot twist is almost as ridiculous as Mel’s “real” father living in VR! This is turning into 'As the River Turns.'"

Netflix has shared a teaser for the holiday episodes, which will be available on Netflix on November 30. From the looks of the preview, Charmaine will finally have her baby. We're ready for Mel and Jack to move on to their happily ever after!

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