‘Virgin River’ Fans Just Dropped a Wild Theory About Mel’s Father

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‘Virgin River’ Fans Drop Theory About Mel’s FatherNetflix

This story contains spoilers from Virgin River season 5 part 1.

Even with all the twists and turns Virgin River loves to give fans, the idea of Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) learning her long-lost father may be a member of the idyllic town she resides in was not on anyone's bingo card. But fans are already speculating about who that person could be.

Earlier this week, actress Lauren Hammersley (who portrays Charmaine Roberts) shared with her followers the trailer for season 5 part 2 on Instagram. As viewers saw how the characters celebrate the holiday season and embrace new changes in their lives, folks hear Mel share with her fiancé Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) and John "Preacher" Middleton (Colin Lawrence) that she had major news.

"We did it," she reveals. "We found my father."

While the details behind the revelation will be revealed on November 30 (when season 5 part 2 airs on Netflix), fans couldn't help but try to figure out who Mel's father could possibly. This led some to drop a major theory about the man's identity, and they think it's someone much closer to her than anybody realizes.

"Doc for Dad or we riot! Lol 😂," one person guessed on Instagram, referencing Mel's former boss Vernon "Doc" Mullins (Tim Matheson). "It’s Doc!!! I’m 99% sure he’s Mel’s father," another added. "I think Doc is Mel’s dad 😮," a different viewer agreed.

While the idea of Doc being Mel's father may seem out of left field, there are some clues that may prove this right.

Fans may know that in season 4, he discovered his long-lost grandson in Denny Cutler (Kai Bradbury) after unknowingly getting his college girlfriend pregnant before she left him and he went to medical school. Couple this with the fact he and his wife Hope McCrea (Annette O'Toole) had a tumultuous relationship after she learned he cheated on her, Mel may be the result of the indiscretion that altered his marriage back in the day.

If only we didn't have to wait so long to see if this is the case!!!

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