Tyra Banks Sat Between Two Furries At An Event, And Their Behavior Was Not Okay

Clips of Tyra Banks being sat in between two furries at this week's Knicks/Nets game are going viral.

closeup of her in a lace dress at a siriusxm event
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Yes, sat in "celebrity row" at the game were two furries, for some reason, on either side of Tyra.

Twitter: @NBA_NewYork

The term "furry" basically refers to a community of people who adopt an anthropomorphic "fursona." Suits such as these can go for thousands of dollars.

The clip that began picking up steam was Tyra on the Jumbotron, covering her eyes with her hands as the two furries leaned over her to caress one another.

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It is possible that it was a stunt of some kind, but it's not entirely clear in what way.

As The Cut noted, comedian Kareem Rahma posted footage of the evening where Tyra appeared to initially be chatting with and generally amicable with the furries — even doing a lil' dance at one point.

However, as the two kept leaning over her and even mimicking caressing the other's leg, Tyra appeared genuinely uncomfortable, even seemingly asking them to stop and trying to flag down a member of staff.

  Kareem Rahma / Via
Kareem Rahma / Via

According to Kareem's video, the furries were later escorted out by security.

  Kareem Rahma / Via
Kareem Rahma / Via

This probably goes without saying, but while being a furry is fine, please don't harass people.

BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives for Tyra Banks for comment.