Violent Night 2 gets a promising update

Violent Night producers Kelly McCormick and David Leitch have given a promising update on a possible sequel.

The grown-up festive film, which was released in 2022, saw Stranger Things star David Harbour play a Santa Claus with an alcohol problem who fights to stop some Christmas-themed mercenaries, after they take a family hostage.

Speaking to Collider at SXSW this week, where the pair were promoting their new movie The Fall Guy, McCormick confirmed that plans for Violent Night 2 and Nobody 2 are currently being fleshed out.

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"We are planning on returns to those universes. Hopefully, honestly, even potentially end of this year for Nobody 2 and, beginning of next year for Violent Night 2, if we can find time in everybody's busy schedules," she said.

"But the development's going super well and everybody's really, really excited about moving those worlds forward."

Leitch went on to reveal that Universal are "really invested" in the projects, adding: "We're well into a couple of drafts and things are going super well, but there's still a little work to do."

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The sequel news comes after Harbour previously explained that some initial work had begun on the film, before things were put on pause during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes last year.

"Before the writers' strike there was, you know, maybe something that came in. We'll have to see where it fits if they can resolve all these labor issues," he told Collider.

"If the studios would please go to the table and end these labor issues, we could shoot all kinds of things I'd love to give to the people! But yes, we're in the process."

As well as Harbour, Violent Night also starred Encanto's John Leguizamo, Twilight's Cam Gigandet and His Dark Materials star Alex Hassell.

Stranger Things seasons 1-4 are streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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