'Vincent's standards are the highest in everything he does'

Vincent Kompany
Vincent Kompany

Burnley's chief operating officer Matt Williams told BBC Radio Lancashire that Vincent Kompany's energy is "infectious" at the club: "He's a workaholic, football obsessive and his attention to detail is second to none.

"He always wants to develop people. I'd say I've developed during my time working with him, I'd like to think he's learnt things from me too, things he probably wasn't aware of having not been at this level in the English game before in terms of structure.

"He's a super guy and he wants to learn everything about the business, not just what happens on the grass and what happens on a Saturday afternoon.

"He wants to know about ticket sales and why there are non attendees on a Saturday. He's really proactive in his approach, educating our media team on what he thinks they should do, educating our commercial team on how we can have football at the centre, but it not be the be all and end all.

"Vincent's standards are the highest in everything he does, he's been at the highest level throughout his career and he wants to set those standards with us. He also understands the budget restrictions at the club.

"He could be one the of the best technical directors in world football tomorrow, likewise one of the best coaches. He will determine what his career path is, and he will be successful in whatever he does."

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