Your views: Sunderland's 2023-24 season

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We asked for your thoughts on Sunderland's 2023-24 season now its over. Here are some of your comments.

John: I have supported Sunderland for over 60 years and this is one of the worst seasons ever. Getting rid of Mowbray was in disaster. Speakman must be sacked immediately!

Colin: Absolutely disgraceful season, these loyal fans let down yet again by the owner, his director of football and the players. Alarmingly I can't see any improvement coming without people at the top who know what they're doing.

Doug: Mowbray was averaging 1.3 ppg. That would’ve seen us finish 10th. That’s pretty much what you get with him… a finish somewhere between 6th - 12th. The problem wasn’t sacking Mowbray, it was failing to grasp that a Head Coach requires key man-management and communication skills, and tactical acumen. I just hope they’ve learned from their mistake!

Michael: Very poor season. While somewhat imbalanced in terms of youth/experience, Sunderland's squad should be finishing higher than 16th. The players have quality but have been completely mismanaged. Sacking Mowbray wasn't necessarily the issue, it was appointing Beale. It can't be overstated how big this coming summer window is for us. Regime-defining.

David: A complete mess up by the admin/hierarchy. Letting Simms slip away, driving Mowbray away, letting quality leave with scarcely a whimper, believing that buying cheap works and rewarding sick note players with contracts. Speakman and Co are anti football.

Ricky: Terrible waste of one of the most exciting and promising squads we’ve had in years. Horrific mismanagement.

Karen: The season started full of hope especially the result v Southampton and then a slow decline to the point it was a relief to see it end. The games were boring and prescriptive - too many backward balls - no foresight to get in the box and you might score! Shots on target woeful Not enough from certain players looked like they didn’t care.

Luke: Disconnected is this years word to round up the season. I've never felt more disconnected as a fan. The inability to prepare the right next manager whilst ready to sack the other, decorating the Black Cats Bar in Newcastle banners, and a way of playing that's just been completely left behind. Roll on the next season.