Your views on Sunday's game

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We asked for your opinions on Sunday's Premier League fixture between Liverpool and Wolves, as Jurgen Klopp oversaw his final game in charge of the Reds.

Here are some of the best responses:

Liverpool fans

Andy: Kloppo - it has been such an adventure! Amazing nights and painful nights, you taught us how to respond to disappointments. Your character, integrity, passion and love of life were evident whenever you spoke. An absolute legend and perfect for Liverpool Football Club. So long, and thanks for all the fun!

Doug: Klopp has raised the game of football, and Premier League football, to greater visibility and popularity. His passion for the fans has been such an endearing quality, but his passion and paternal-like caring for his players has changed the way that managers will be viewed in the future.

Richard: He won pretty much everything there is to win, but most of all the hearts of the Liverpool people - whether red, blue or a non-fan. His genuine empathy and compassion transcends the game and I can't think of any other top-flight manager who has achieved that or even come close. With some luck, his shoes can be filled on the pitch - but off it, never.

Jono: A perfect send off for a very special boss. Thank you for the best of memories and times, Jurgen. A masterclass in leadership, you will be remembered forever and, in time, we will get you a statue for the future generations to learn what you gave us. You’ll never walk alone.

Wolves fans

Marc: We obviously need a couple of quality players because the last 10 games were abysmal! Why were we so bad towards end of the season, but brilliant in the first half of the season? Did teams figure us out? I see next season being very, very hard unless we can somehow get some quality players in. I'm afraid to say we will be in a relegation fight next season, if players are not added.

Alan: Nobody has really mentioned it but our turning point this season was the defeat against Coventry City in the FA Cup. I don't know how we're going to achieve it with all of the financial restrictions, but we must strengthen our squad to really compete next season.

Mark: This season seemed doomed from the start, with last minute managerial changes, but after Christmas all the worries of relegation were a thing of the past. Then, as per the last couple of seasons, a small squad was decimated by injuries. Then, in the last third of the season, they performed poorly and the team dropped down towards the bottom of the table.

Jon: There is a pivotal transfer window coming up. We know there won't be a big transfer fund and we will have to do some shrewd business. We have several players on loan where it will be interesting to see whether they stay and find a way into the first-team or will be sold. If we can do good business and retain key players, we can have a strong next season.