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We asked for your views on Sunday's game between Everton and Arsenal.

Here are some of your comments:

Everton fans

BlueBoy95: We are awful. No creativity desire or intent. Clear we were playing for a 0-0 draw from the off, which is criminal. Players just not good enough. Manager doesn't know what he's doing. We are in big, big trouble and the writing is on the wall.

Steve: It was a terrible match from start to finish, our best players were Branthwaite and Mykolenko. Nothing going forward again, tactics are all wrong. Arsenal's goal was well worked but no one got tight. Overall, shocking performance, can't sell wide men and not replace them. Need a manager that doesn't just play defensive.

Alex: It's going to be long season of listening to Sean Dyche's excuses for poor performances every week. We are absolutely woeful. No attacking quality, no passion and seemingly no confidence on the ball. Dyche has had long enough to improve at least the basics. I've been an Everton fan for 40 years and this is lowest point ever. We're going down.

John: The team tried hard and gave 100%, but it looked like a throwback to the 1960s. Nothing but long ball and hope! But, Branthwaite was excellent!

Arsenal fans

David: That felt a long game but it was a hard fought win. But, we need to be better if we want to handle our first double game week. If we aren't more commanding in defence and attack we will lose the north London derby.

Terry: Plenty of possession but that alone doesn't win games. Still lacking that killer touch, a good goal from Trossard but quicker more direct play in the final third is required. A good result though.

Vince: Fabio Vieira made the difference here, his positioning was astute and along with Trossard, the drive to win was there for all to see. I particularly like that Arsenal continued to press on even after taking the lead; in the past they would have sat back, hand the initiative back to their opponents and concede a goal. Hope they keep this up.

Denis: Good performance. Patience paid off. Some good passes and control throughout the game. Another goal that is a trademark of Arsenal. Trossard - his technique of shooting was superb.