Your views: Season card renewals

A banner that says 'your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football
A banner that says 'your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football

We asked whether you will be renewing your Sunderland season card. Here are some of your comments:

Paul: I'm red and white through and through and will follow them to the very lowest, I think that explains why every true supporter will follow!

Cheshire Mackem: Renew my season ticket? YES ABSOLUTELY. Don't be put off by a temporary drop off in form. Sunderland 'til I die.

Trevit: No. We are a laughing stock. More managers over the last decade than should have been. Awful ownership. Nothing has been right since the days of Peter Reid,Phillips and Quinn. There is something inherently wrong deep within the club which needs to be rooted out. The fiasco of the derby game was the last straw for many.

Stephen: The club seem to think every supporter has a smart phone and is bullying it's season ticket holders into digital tickets. Personally I believe at least 10,000 ticket holders will not renew and scraping digital tickets may make more ticket holders renew.

Stuart: Of course I’ll be renewing my ticket. In fact it’s already renewed. I’m a Sunderland supporter first and foremost and will be going to support my team no matter what.

Mark: I’ll be renewing. The match day experience isn’t just about the football. With work commitments it’s probably the only opportunity to get together with family and friends to socialise and hopefully watch some exciting football.

Bob: Already have done. You either get Sunderland or you don't. Once bitten, never smitten.

Colin: No, I won't be renewing my season card as I have better things to spend my money on.

Edward: Yes, I have already purchased my season ticket simply because this is my club even though I have serious issues with owner and sporting director both with vision and direction for this great club.

Gary: Yes, already done. Ha'way the lads.