Your views on Saturday's match

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We asked for your thoughts on Saturday's Premier League game between Chelsea and Burnley.

Here are some of your responses:

Chelsea fans

Kiran: Can’t really blame Pochettino for this one today. This is 100% on the players and 30 shots should tell you everything. Players in the first half I thought were too sleepy and second half we lost all composure in front of goal. All down to individual performances , our forwards (except Palmer) can’t keep the ball below row Z , and our defence is in shambles!

Paul: Another disappointing performance, but to be fair congratulations to Burnley as they came to get a result and were superb especially with 10 men, they fought for each other and never gave up. Chelsea you should look at what Burnley did today and show the same commitment. I can count on one hand the players that deserve to be on the pitch. Disgraceful.

Phil: No fight, no spirit, no direction and once again Pochettino fails to do his job as a manager in the preparation of his team. All he can do is waffle in an attempt to save his job. He cannot be blamed for glaring misses by players but then why continue to pick them? Sterling's missed open header was criminal. Pochettino has to go as he is not good enough.

Burnley fans

Graham: At long last a performance to be proud of. The 10 men gave it there all and looked like they actually wanted it which has been sadly lacking this season. Muric makes a massive difference in goal and the defence are more confident with him. It was 100% effort. Well done lads.

Jeff: Sorry but how a that was a penalty and then to be reviewed as a correct on-field decision is a joke. Thankfully Burnley got at least got a point we deserved. If they can show the same commitment we may have a chance. UTC.

Graham C: This was a Burnley team performance fans expect: determination, effort and skill despite poor refereeing. These qualities have been too often missing this season. Muric added solidity again! Performances like this offer hope.

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