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We asked for your views on Saturday's game between Manchester United and Brighton.

Here are some of your comments:

Man Utd fans

Mike: Ten Hag is out of his depth and to be honest its not all his fault. Ferguson was in charge at the club, Ten Hag isn't. The whole club is in desperate need of a total reform and always will be whilst the Glazers are in charge. But Ten Hag has shown his inability to keep a system that works for the players and some of his subs are ridiculous.

Andy: United are woeful. I’ve not witnessed anything as bad since the mid-1970s. The club lacks any direction and the transfer policy is questionable! We let Elanga go, why? We have some great youth players we never play them. What’s happened to the daring do of class of 1990! I can’t watch them anymore. Too painful!

Rod: As a club, it feels as if we are still in the Moyes/Van Gaal eras. Nothing has changed, it’s as if the club culture is like a chronic disease permeating and nullifying the change needed at the club - irrespective of who is in charge. Brighton fully deserved their win amid some puzzling tactics by Ten Hag. Brighton passed us of the park with ease.

Joe: Teams have sussed United out. The glory days are over. Not one single player from this squad would get into Sir Alex Ferguson’s league winning teams. Clueless. Who would have thought Brighton could have a better class of team than Manchester United. Hats off to you Brighton for sparking fresh life into the Premier League.

Brighton fans

Alan: Brighton, yet again, demonstrate how versatile and committed they are as a squad. They have talent at depth in all positions following an astute transfer period. Thursday night and the following Sunday will give us a clearer picture of how the season will progress. The Seagulls are flying and will steal the 'big six's' chips.

Sam: Is it a surprise any more to lose to us? We are so good in possession. Six changes and you’d never know. Squad depth is excellent, brilliantly run club and Europa League here we come. Thursday will be historic. What a rise for the club I’ve supported since I was three years old! Tony Bloom, take a bow!

Robert: What an away day. These landmark wins still stand out, but was it a surprise that Brighton beat United? Like a well oiled machine, once Brighton get into the groove they seem unstoppable. Working as hard off the ball as on it, they are a joy to watch. I feel so lucky to witness these great times for the club.

David: Another fantastic win. Great to be able to say the last two teams to beat United at Old Trafford are Albion and Albion. I think that was the weakest starting XI so far this season, with one eye on Thursday's Europa League opener I'm guessing. To be honest we were riding our luck to finish the first half a goal up, but a better second half.