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We asked for your views on Saturday's game between Fulham and Luton Town.

Here are some of your comments:

Fulham fans

Andrew: Fulham laboured against the Luton bus, and tried too often to pass their way through the serried ranks of orange, rather than go around or over the top. Jimenez needs to offer more hold-up play, like Vinicius does - he learnt from the master Mitro.

Peter: Where is the replacement for Aleksandar Mitrovic? Fulham should count themselves lucky for three points. We need someone otherwise it's going to be a long season.

David: As always, very committed but we’ve lost that swagger we had in the first half of last season. Thankfully, Iwobi added some spark and drive when coming on as sub.

Keir: So much possession for very little end product, we lack a striker and Raul isn’t the answer.

Luton fans

Kreedo: I listened to the match on the radio, and watched the highlights on Match of the Day. I believe Luton are improving, but still need that magic touch up front. In defence we are doing ok, but with a few simple errors that seem to let us down as a game goes on. Keep working hard Hatters, you will get there.

Peter: The Hatters must make use and less waste of the free kicks they have close to the box. Shooting, just because the goal is in front of you, is sometimes a fruitless exercise and some of the Hatters' front runners are very guilty of not putting their foot on the ball and looking at their options.

Sue: Now the commitment, positivity and belief are beginning to get into our game we can start to get results, it was close today. No need to worry yet, the players know what they have to do and our first win will be the first of many.

Jabal: Unfortunately, I couldn't go to watch it. In accordance to what I've heard, it probably wasn't our best performance. We shouldn't panic though. Fulham are a very good team and I don't think we should expect to get points at Craven Cottage. If this happens when we face the Blades, the Toffees or the Clarets, then we should start to worry about Luton Town.