Your views on Saturday's game

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We asked for your thoughts on Saturday's Premier League game between Sheffield United and Fulham

Here are some of your responses:

Sheffield United fans

Mike: Thought the Blades had done enough and if VAR had not intervened I am sure they would have got three points. Second game where they have thrown away a two-goal lead. What goes on in defence? Do they talk to each other? Is it a concentration thing or a lack of quality?

Peter: The substitutions were the turning point. Why not McAtee rather than Norwood? United’s lack of depth was in stark contrast to their opponents’. Despite my disappointment the Blades’ goals were a thing of beauty - like water in a desert of a season. Roll on next season and be prepared to take a further hit for the cause of longer-term rebuilding.

Neil: Says a lot when our best defender on corners is McBurnie and we go and sub him and bring more pressure on our goal. But we showed some fight and that's what the fans want!

Fulham fans

Stephen: I've been supporting Fulham for 70 years and it's the same old story. We can play brilliantly against the top teams but when it comes to those below us in terms of league position we tend to have these moments of defensive madness that often lose us the match. At least we showed some bottle coming back from two down.

Will: I don’t think I’ve been more confident that we would win a game but even though we didn’t win what a game it was. At 3-1 it seemed all over before a De Cordova-Reid rocket, and what a goal from Muniz.

Jim: Fulham looked to be suffering from post international fatigue and just could not break Sheffield United down. The subs really changed it and Fulham could have won it at the end

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