Your views on Postecoglou's comments

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We asked for your views on Ange Postecoglou's comments after Tottenham's defeat by Manchester City, where he described the foundations of the club as "fragile"

Here are some more of your thoughts:

Peter: Totally agree with the manager. It's time Tottenham did something to eradicate this mentality. Stick with the manager and give him the players he needs. There are too many players to change, but that should not stop it from happening. I have been a fan for more than 60 years. Change must be done and now. And fans cheering Manchester City is disgusting.

Paul: Ange needs to be very careful. He hasn't been here long enough to question... the fact he has started to talk in code/riddles suggests he needs to look closer at home. He is a paradox - one moment he doesn't care how others think, yet then he argues with the fanbase. Get on with the job your paid to do, Ange!

Dean: I'm with Ange here. The game is about winning, and only that. The way to stop Arsenal is to be better than them, that's that. Our fans should have been using their energy and passion to get behind Spurs, that's what he was saying.

Daniel: This seems exactly like a manager who is going to leave. He's also been quite hypocritical here as well by talking about us fans not supporting him, when he's been playing down Champions League qualification all season.

Simon: I was at the gam and the atmosphere was completely flat in the backdrop of a better performance. It felt like 60,000 people gone along to make sure they lost and were more interested in singing "stand up if you hate Arsenal". Ange has a point - focus on yourself and let them bottle it anyway.

Craig: Ange might be right. But that fragility comes from serial underachievement. Had Spurs experienced success like our neighbours the fans' attitude might have been a little different. He won’t understand deep rivalry because, at the end of the day, managers and players are journeymen with no club allegiance who sell their souls for the money.