Your views: Michael Beale

A banner that says 'Your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football
A banner that says 'Your views' with an eye where the iris is stylised as a football

We asked for your thoughts on Michael Beale and some fans calling for the Sunderland head coach to be sacked.

Here are some of your comments:

Korky: Beale deserves more time but he needs to understand he cannot deflect blame onto the players. He annoyed a lot of people by saying the fans need to get behind the team. Sunderland fans are passionate about their team and are amongst the best supporters in the UK. 40,000+ gates weekly should tell him that.

Michael: I think Beale should be sacked immediately. It's not good enough. We were doing well with Uncle Tony, the board have a lot to answer for!

Bill: Would be crazy to sack him now. Must be given a chance and a centre forward which we have needed for so long.

Joe: Tepid football with none of tactics or seemingly amazing coaching he talked about. No Plan A let alone Plan B for any game. He's taken an exciting vibrant attacking team and turned them into a cure for insomnia. Easy option - Beale out and Dodds take over until end of the season.

Coz: Beale should go, the football now is shocking. I don’t like the way he deflects blame like saying fans should get behind the players which we always do, boos were aimed at him. We were promised an upgrade to Mowbray, never this bozo.

Ned: We've gone from playing some of the most exciting football in the league to playing sideways with no game plan. Yes it's a transitional period but this man has no track record of progression, in fact his track record is regression. We didn't need a new approach. We were 6th in the league and pushing for playoffs. Now we're in danger of free fall.

Arthur: It's not just him, the owners have a lot to answer for. Even if we had the right man in charge, they haven't got the money or the ambition to put us where we deserve to be. The fan base is there, the stadium is fantastic. Going back to the days of Sir Bob Murray, nobody listened and it's still happening. We haven't had a good manager since Peter Reid.

Ken: He doesn't fill me with confidence with either his tactics or professionalism. He doesn't appear to be a team leader who can inspire players to achieve their best. He doesn't present himself well to the press. The "rabbit in the headlights" look is not ideal for a huge club like Sunderland. One has to question the decision makers in the club too!

Digby: The knee jerk hatred of Michael Beale is bizarre; it's a kind of group think response but the root is really hard to fathom. Perhaps Mowbray's popularity and vaguely north eastern background made him feel like family and his rejection was too much to bear. Either way, Beale deserves a fair crack of the whip in my opinion. We need stability.

Malcolm: We have to stick with Beale but he needs to switch on to the culture of the North East.

Edward: As much as I believe it is a poor appointment you cannot judge him yet. He came in at a busy Christmas period time so has not had a great deal of time to change or put his ideas across.

David: He needs to go ASAP. If we have any chance of making the play offs.