Your views on Man City v Chelsea

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We asked for your views Manchester City's victory against Chelsea in Saturday's FA Cup semi-final.

Here are some of your answers:

Manchester City fans

Tim: I don't see how people say that Chelsea were the better team. They had chances but Nicolas Jackson didn't have his shooting boots on. Manchester City were patient and the better team in percentage possession. Goal was just a manner of time. Now it's back to the Premier League and looking forward to the FA Cup final in May.

Bruce: We looked tired, but when Doku came on, there was an almost palpable lift within the team and then we did what all good teams do - grind out a result.

Lewis: Overall a good City display, especially after Madrid game. De Bruyne has incredible energy and Grealish is starting to play well. No Treble but Double is alive!

Chelsea fans

Will: Any other day Chelsea would have won that convincingly. Manchester City only came into the game during the second half, and Jackson really should have scored at least one of his chances. City didn’t deserve to win it, and hopefully Chelsea can bounce back against Arsenal.

Stevie: Great performance and probably should've won it with the quality of chances. However, all this game has made clear is that Pochettino has no idea of game management. He waited too long to make subs - AGAIN. Jackson, for all his work-rate, is not good enough for the club as the main striker and Gallagher is not good enough on the ball.

Riley: How many times - we need a new striker. Conversion seemed impossible with Nicolas Jackson up front while the rest of the team were playing some good football I haven’t seen in a while from Chelsea. Petrovic had a great game but our defending for Bernardo’s goal was not acceptable. Overall a pretty decent performance but in need of a proper goalscorer.