“The View” censors Valerie Bertinelli twice during bizarre live interview

“The View” censors Valerie Bertinelli twice during bizarre live interview

"Turkey? Is this turkey?" Joy Behar asked Bertinelli, who also came to the show with food. "Joy, I don't know," the actress responded.

Valerie Bertinelli brought a wealth of treats — and a potty mouth — to The View's Hot Topics table.

Upon taking her seat next to the cohosts amid a full spread of delectable food from her new cookbook Indulge, the 63-year-old wasted no time enthusiastically telling America that she had "already been bitching backstage" with moderator Whoopi Goldberg before the interview began.

The conversation then shifted to the first of approximately 1 million different topics covered throughout the segment, including online dating and Bertinelli's apparent confusion over the dishes from her own project.

"What is this? Did I make this?" she asked while listing off the different dishes on the table.

"Turkey? Is this turkey?" Joy Behar questioned, to which Bertinelli snapped back: "Joy, I don't know. No, that's chicken."

<p>ABC</p> Valerie Bertinelli and Sunny Hostin on 'The View'


Valerie Bertinelli and Sunny Hostin on 'The View'

Naturally, she punctuated the wild energy to talk about dark political times. "I just want you to know how dang important it is for everyone to vote," she said, urging the audience to participate in local elections before the first of two censored moments that occurred during the chat. "Please, vote for your own benefit. Thank you. I get a little excited, and I just have to think about our queen Taylor Swift and..."

The sound cut out at the end of Bertinelli's comment, though her lips appeared to mouth "calm the f--- down" as the audio dropped.

Next, Bertinelli moved on to highlight the dangers of internet trolls, which prompted the second censored bit.

"You're not allowed in my arena if..." she said before the sound dropped, and her mouth again appeared to say, "You're going to be an a--hole."

She finished by invoking a historical figure as she discussed navigating body image issues and her relationship to substances.

"Just like [Winston] Churchill said, when you're going through hell, keep going," she said. "Was it Churchill? I don't care. But, when you're going through hell, you keep going." (It was, indeed, Churchill.)

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