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    Brisbane Roar overcame the dismissal of Besart Berisha to defeat Melbourne Heart 2-1 on Friday at...

  2. 3:35

    All the highlights from the weekend in sport.

  3. 1:04

    The Detroit Tigers have agreed to pay Miguel Cabrera a baseball-record $292 million over the next...

  4. 0:41

    Cinderella team Dayton made it into the NCAA Basketball Elite Eight, topping Stanford on Thursday...

  5. 0:50

    New pictures have been released, showing just how complex the construction was.

  6. 1:22

    Lance Franklin has revealed his move to Sydney has been the toughest period of his life. Tom Browne...

  7. 1:03

    Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter, who led the fight for a college union, said Thursday...

  8. 2:05

    The family of Alex McKinnon remain by his bedside in a Melbourne hospital.

  9. 0:27

    Shane Warne may have finally met his match - a female kick boxer.

  10. 1:05

    Officials from FIFA expressed their concern Thursday over the massive construction delays that are...

  11. 0:30

    Australia is preparing to face the West Indies in their last chance to make the T20 semi finals.