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Witness Testifies How Ex-NFL Star Shot at Men



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ALEX BRADLEY: He acted in the manner-- um, let me-- like a tough guy all the time.

Like, as the way I would explain it, he, um-- he didn't really like people staring at him.

He had a problem with things that most people don't have a problem with.

He bumped into Mr.


And, um, his drink splashed up and spilled on Mr.


And some got on myself as well.

- How much of the drink?

A lot of it, or little, or-- ALEX BRADLEY: No, just like-- like a splash, more or less.

He said-- he wind up saying yo again.

And then they turned.

And then he started firing rounds into their vehicle.

- Did he say something before he fired?

ALEX BRADLEY: Before he fired the gun, he was like, what's up now-- and he started firing shots.

After they turned-- because originally, they didn't know we were there.

So after he got their attention by saying yo, yo when they turned, he said, what's up now-- and started firing shots into the car.

- How many shots did you hear fired?

ALEX BRADLEY: He fired five shots.

Five rounds.