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Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey Found in Mexico



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CHIEF ART ACEVEDO: actually developed information from an informant here in Austin-- Houston, excuse me, that led them to Mexico.

And that led them to believe that the jersey was actually in Mexico.

And quite frankly, as a result of that investigation, we were able to work with the FBI, Mexican authorities to respond to the suspect's last known location or known location and look for the jersey.

The jerseys were subsequently recovered.

The jersey was subsequently recovered, along with a Jersey from Mr.

Brady from Super Bowl, I believe, 49 that had previously gone missing from that Super Bowl were recovered in Mexico and taken by the FBI and NFL security again to Boston where efforts are being made right now to authenticate the jerseys.

But you all know that one of the things about this memorabilia is that although the face value, in terms of buying a jersey, isn't that expensive, because of the nature of how it was worn, who it was worn by, under that the circumstances it was worn, to a collector, it's kind of like a piece of art.

And so it can be very-- it could have a great value in terms of monetary gain for the suspect.

But again, the suspect decided to steal it in the city of Houston.

And thanks to our Major Offenders Division, you know, it's like the Texas bravado.

He came to the wrong state, you know what I'm saying?

So you don't come to Texas, and you don't steal when the eyes of the world are upon our state.