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Bernie Sanders Brings Excitement to Fans During Whirlwind Vatican City Trip



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Hi everyone it's Mary Alex here I and the Vatican behind me you can see that is think Peter's square and and try to move this a little thing.

And T back and a little hard to see the basilica.

From his playing golf I just came from actually around me mother died at this building where.

Bernie Sanders traveling press was allowed to come in and see him at work at this conference that he attended you know as.

Big news for him to leave.

New York's date just days before the primary to come here to the Vatican to participate in this conference.

He's talking about.

Yeah that the title the conferences the urgency of a moral economy.

And it's actually is interesting his speech was being very much similar to the speech begins on the campaign trail he talked about the need.

To fight corporate greed of the need to help sort of the least among us in the country's am around the world talked about the need for health care and education.

And and his admiration for Pope Francis actually other punches as well in fighting for a moral economy and that that the benefits alt.

And it was it was a short speech I talked for about fifteen minutes he then came outside and talked really briefly to press about the fact that he just couldn't.

Refused this invitation.

And then that and then we got to see you at Bakken tight yet.

Yet doctor personally for little cocky break.

Adding that back inside now he's still inside at last we heard I'm talking to these other thought for an thought leaders answer their questions about.

Health care and education and there in the US.

It was a very interesting kind of intimate setting I was professors and dignitaries from around the around the world kind of look like a little.

Molly UN they had at not volume like little merton mini version of great reasons seeing at the shots that you edit what other little translator your pieces in it was very interesting setting.

And then get a little few minutes more of them for the traveling press Dyer ran over here because I just had just the end it is.

Pretty incredible to get to be here you know being taught about life on the campaign trail a lot.

We talk about the gate B.

That no one really expected then that light on the campaign trail would tear gas TO round.

So and going to.

Walk a little bit emit a pick up all of my didn't all of my stuff so bear with me.

And we're and a little bit of sightseeing race.

The rest of the day what we're hearing is that the senator is pretty much going to be.

Off limits sort of close to the press.

We at we are surprised and got on the plane last after the debate to learn that it wasn't only.

Jane his wife traveling with him.

But also.

Four of his kids and four of his grandchildren.

So it's really kind of a family affair here in Rome.

His kids were at not the grandchildren his kids ranting at the conference with him to.

I'm sitting there in the room Jamie is there listening.

Behind him on which was which is very distinct after the conference finishes they're gonna have dinner there the conference last that we heard.

And then they're going to.

Have been nice it's for themselves.

He's doing interviews here with foreign press and with American press.

Found and we're hearing about the interviews in the morning.

But really the focus was to come to be part of this conference all viewed as a little bit of a look.

I'm locking down history.

And at about.

Two minutes to meet the company that press bus that I didn't what do you I had to start moving him to put the camera.

They can.

Even get a glimpse of some Swiss diary.

You can see where it playing a little tourists today.


Where Roberts when he went quietly want to play a little tour it.

I think.


And caring way too much stuff.

And that the only down and it saying to the church so far.

For like three hours and I have yet to have a July doubt or expressed which feels like an incredible.

An incredible failure on my part.

But if Bernie Sanders does in fact decide the rest of the evening is closed practice.

That I can tell you the very first thing I'm doing is eating July.

I just wish that my sister's.

Written you so funny to be an even needing played at.

I'm with the campaign and that.

And wrist that everybody nearly every yet again Andy give you a little bit walking tumor.

As I head back to the past us and obviously.

Bernie Sanders travels with it is a regular sort of contingent.

Friends that travel with him you know represents from the different TV networks but the that actually quite a number of additional people joins.

For this trip.

There is a traveling press about twelve people.

And and though local Italian press and sort of European outlets and that are that have.

That how correspondents here in Rome.


This is sort of media presents to steal.


I was very surprised when we arrived to see that there are Bernie Sanders fan even add all that it can.

Right there.

Wavering Dick hoey and with homemade signs.

It led unbelievable to me that.

All halfway around the world he he had fans.

In a tucking them was really interesting most of them work former immigrant work or ex pats say they American citizens woman and I talked to use that she RD spent in her absentee ballots.

Four New York.

And it was interesting talking to them about.

And the issues that have drawn into parties dinners racers won overwhelmingly.

Among Democrats abroad in this Yasser caucus that they had this primary.

Abbas now I'm not sure the president konduz I.

Actually and I'm not positive but the Democrats of Rodney ex pats.

About and over the past my time.

It's time there live in the it intimidating.

He did extremely well with the Democrats abroad.


Now you guys.

That just think you expect.

As bad as a knowing you relied medically protest but.

Please tell me I'm not lots and around.

Yeah I am.

I not.

I was just saying that.

It was very interesting talking to the ex pats better here excited for Barry Sanders he did extremely well this community.

It when they voted.

And mostly they talked about helped get its act about the need to strip show American voters that one woman even that socialized medicine works.

And it was very interesting to talk to them.

About why they have.

Overwhelmingly am supporting senator Sanders and it was surprising from need to see all of them there at the ball the Vatican with signs are Bernie Sanders.

Anyway I decided I Democrat but I don't have not gotten left but I guess there were places in the world to sort of get laughed and nudity traveling thanked everyone and hopefully type used them.