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[SIREN] -Stop! Stop! [GUNSHOTS] [CRASH] [SIREN] -Coming back around to, whoever that is at the entrance.

-Do not move your hands! Ma'am! Do not move! Ma'am! Do not move! -All right, hold her.

If you got her, hold her up there.

-Put your hands on top of your head.

Do not move! -[INAUDIBLE] -Show me your hands! Show me your hands! -Come on, over here.

Over here.

-Get-- [AUDIO OUT] -Ma'am?

-Can't touch this.

-Show me your hands! -You saw my hand, you-- [AUDIO OUT] -Come out now.

Are you the only one in there?

-I can't see the other hand.

-You are?

-I'm God! -Come on, come on out.

-I'm in the house! -State Police, need a taser.

-This house is on fire! burn this [MUTE] [INAUDIBLE].

-Taze her! Taze her! Taze her! [WOMAN YELLING] [HORN HONKS] -We're-- I can't even bust through the window.

-Well, you got anything to bust it?

-No, I don't.

-Got an axe on you?


-Can someone bust the fucking window out?


Hey, get the window.

-Do not move! -I can't see her at all.

-She's down in the floorboard.

-Is she moving?


Hang on.

-I'm going down.

-Let me cover you.

Let me cover you.

-Get the door.

Get the door.

Come on.

[INAUDIBLE] police on you.


-Pull her out.

Pull her out.

--[INAUDIBLE] Let me see your hands, right now.


OFFICER ON RADIO: They have not advised that yet.

-Well, they're good.

Everything's good back there.

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