Jason Day wins Greg Norman Medal

Jason Day is the inaugural winner of the Greg Norman Medal, given to the country's most outstanding golfer on the international stage.

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JENNIFER LAWRENCE: We all have one enemy.

And that's President Snow.

-Were you expecting not to get such a massive response.

Obviously, everyone's kind of talking about it in Hollywood.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: No, I mean, I'm happy that it did.

I think it's an important thing to talk about.

But I definitely didn't expect that when I wrote it.

I just-- oh-- I didn't really have any expectations because I didn't really know what it was.

I mean, I knew what my essay was.

But I didn't know what Lenny Letters was.

So-- ELIZABETH BANKS: Yeah, I'm really proud of her.

I mean, I'm really excited that she's decided to use her platform for good.

[LAUGHING] JULIANNE MOORE: Yeah, I think the more transparency we have, the better.

And obviously, she's being very transparent.

And it helps all of us.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Turn your weapons to Snow.

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