Video Shows Rep. Bowman Remove Warning Sign During Fire Alarm Fiasco

U.S. Capitol Police
U.S. Capitol Police

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) removed two red warning signs perched on the doors of an exit at the Cannon House Office building before pulling a fire alarm last month, according to footage of the incident obtained by Spectrum News NY1 and Fox News. The footage captured Bowman briefly trying to open one of the doors, taking one of the warning signs in his left hand, knocking the other sign off its door, then pulling the fire alarm and walking away still holding one sign with the other on the floor. Bowman said at the time that he “thought the alarm would open the door. I was rushing to make a vote, I was trying to get to a door.” He copped a plea deal Wednesday after criminal charges were filed, agreeing to pay a fine and issue an apology. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Bowman defended his actions: “I was just in a rush, man, you know, trying to get downstream. I was actually running to the Capitol at one point. So I was just in a hurry and … so that was all my bad.”

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