Disturbing video shows moment footballers are struck by lightning

Four Jamaican school kids have been struck by lightning during a football match.

The students from Jamaica were passing the ball across the back line against College Wolmer’s Boys’ School when video shows lightning striking part of the field.

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Two of the boys from Jamaica College immediately fell to the ground in the background as play continued for a moment.

But the referee could be heard blowing his whistle to stop the game as multiple concerned fans rushed onto the field to help the young men.

Four students were struck by lightning during a college football match in Jamaica. (Images: Islandsportsnet)

Another Wolmer’s student appeared to fall as well moments after the strike.

Local media reported four students had been struck and two of them were rushed to hospital.

One of the players was held overnight as a precaution.

The game was called off with just a few minutes to go due to the incident.