The very best hair salons, according to Cosmo's beauty team

best hair salon hairdresser
These are the best hair salons, everHearst Owned

Finding the right hairdresser can be harder than finding a cute date (there's no Tinder for hair salon soulmates). And I don't know about you, but it's taken a whole lot of stress, deep conditioner and Tangle Teezer's to get my hair in a place I'm happy not mad about, so the idea of giving someone carte blanche to chop and change my locks, fills me with dread.

That's why we've started a list of hair salons that are a cut above (soz) the rest. Each is known for pioneering the best-in-industry techniques, has received countless rave reviews, and has built up a chunky list of happy clients.

Visit one of the pit-stops below for a haircut or colour and I can guarantee your hair will be in good hands...

Best hair salons

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