Vardy 'has still got it' but I 'worry' about Vestergaard

Leicester City players Jamie Vardy and Jannik Vestergaard
[Getty Images]

Former Foxes winger Matt Piper has been reacting to Jamie Vardy and Jannik Vestergaard signing new contracts ahead of Leicester City's return to the Premier League.

Piper said that he was "buzzing" to see Vardy had signed a one-year contract extension on the When You're Smiling podcast: "I think pretty much everyone was.

"He proved last season that he has still got it, he can still find the net, he still looks fast and sharp. He is right - nowadays I do think he looks after his body, but that was questionable when he first joined the club!

"I'm over the moon. He is obviously getting a bit older, but last season he looked razor sharp. I know it's only the Championship but I think he is right, his legs haven't gone and he has a lot more to give.

"The only thing it was going to come down to was money, but he is a real wealthy man now. He has had some huge contracts. I think he deferred or dropped some of his wages last season when they went down to the Championship."

Piper added that he "didn't know" defender Vestergaard had signed his new three-year deal before Enzo Maresca had left the club: "A lot of this is going to depend on the new manager that comes in.

"If someone is more pragmatic, conservative, sits in, waits for counter-attacking opportunities, not much space in-behind - that is going to help someone like Vestergaard.

"But if anyone comes in that plays a more aggressive style, looks to press the game, high backline - Vestergaard won't play.

"That is not me being unkind to him - I thought he had a tremendous season. I think he was in the top three or four performers for Leicester City last season, but the style did suit him.

"Even when I was getting after him and saying that he looks as if he is tugging a caravan when he runs, I never spoke down about when he has the ball at his feet.

"You could go out and sign two or three new defenders, but I don't think you would find anyone as good as him with the ball at his feet.

"It is just out of possession that I worry about him - especially in a fast, high-paced league like the Premier League."

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