Vanessa Hudgens teases "cringe" musical scene in French Girl

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens has teased a "cringe" singing scene in her upcoming film French Girl.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy ahead of the movie's release tomorrow (March 19), the actress discussed a "hilarious" moment where her character Ruby sings an original song dedicated to her ex-girlfriend's grandma during the funeral.

"I think it's the right amount of cringe and that was what we were going for. We don't want it to be too ball-ish, just a little bit of cringe that comes along with that," she explained.

"They brought to the table the idea of the song and I just kind of went for it as much as I possibly could and leaned into the ridiculousness of it and just try to walk that line between good, but could be better, which I think really lends itself to the comedy."

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Hudgens' decision to alter her singing voice for the film was one which impressed her co-star Zach Braff, who added that it was "really brave" of the actress to alter her singing voice for the movie.

"I thought that was really brave of you, Vanessa, because everyone knows you've got an amazing voice and you were brave enough to make it cringey," he said.

"All in the name of comedy," Vanessa replied.

French Girl sees Hudgens and Braff star alongside Evelyne Brochu in a romantic comedy which sees Gordon (Braff) and Sophie (Brochu) find themselves in an unexpected love triangle after Sophie accepts a job alongside her ex-girlfriend Ruby.

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Speaking about the decision to make Ruby the ex-girlfriend of Sophie instead of Gordon, Hudgens added that it was nice of writer-directors James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright to "mix it up a little bit" when it came to the rom-com genre.

"I just love this genre so much and I think the story speaks for itself so deeply," she said.

"The fact that I did get to bring that to this character I think is like a lovely little twist. You know we've seen so many different rom-coms and we know and love them, but it's nice to mix it up a little bit and leave your mark on it in a different way."

French Girl is released on digital platforms in the UK on March 19.

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