Upgrade The Iconic Dirty Shirley With Cherry Ice Cubes

Shirley Temple drink
Shirley Temple drink - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Is there anything better than a Shirley Temple on a hot summer's day? The iconic drink is named after child actress Shirley Temple. While her much older co-stars could indulge in alcohol at various film events, she was much too young to join in. Instead, she was given an alcohol-free mocktail that later became known as the Shirley Temple. This may have been our — and Shirley's — drink of choice as kids when we found ourselves at big parties and other events, but as we've entered adulthood it's gotten an upgrade as the delicious Dirty Shirley cocktail with the addition of vodka.

The Dirty Shirley is just as straightforward as the Shirley Temple. It only requires vodka, grenadine, maraschino cherries, and lemon-lime soda like Sprite. But one creator on TikTok has taken the Dirty Shirley, and added a few twists — most notable of which is the inclusion of maraschino cherry ice cubes.

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What's The New Twist?

Dirty Shirley with lime garnish
Dirty Shirley with lime garnish - TikTok

The TikTok, posted by cocktail creator @yellowbellykelly, includes a few changes to the traditional Dirty Shirley. She starts by creating her own spherical ice cubes from water and whole maraschino cherries she's placed into some of the molds. The rest of the molds are filled with water, with the juice from the cherries leaking into them, and frozen.

Along with making ice cubes out of cherries, she also adds ginger liqueur and Olipop soda in the lemon-lime flavor instead of the more common Sprite or 7UP. Her take on the Dirty Shirley also includes grenadine and vodka, and is then topped off with the rest of the soda and a slice of lime. Placing the cherries inside ice cubes is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will laso infuse the drink with cherry flavor as the ice melts and the cherries incorporate into the body of the drink.

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