Redlands places football coach on leave after offensive tweet regarding George Floyd protests

University of Redlands, a D-III school in Southern California, placed its football coach on administrative leave on Saturday because a social media post he made regarding nationwide protests “has been causing distress in our community,” athletic director Jeff Martinez said in a statement

Coach Mike Maynard, according to USA Today, replied to a video on Twitter that showed an explosive detonating inside a car during protests related to George Floyd’s death late last month in Riverside, California. He replied to the post earlier this week, writing: “What kind of bomb? I want one of those.”

The school was made aware of his post on Wednesday night. Maynard issued an apology on Twitter on Wednesday, too, though his account has since been deleted.

“Let me apologize for an unintentional reply I made (in error) to a friend who messaged to tell me to be careful, stay inside and defend my property,” Maynard wrote, via USA Today. “Those who know me know that I believe in Criminal Justice Reform and that all men are created in that awesome likeness of God.’’

It’s unclear why the school waited until Saturday to put him on leave. The school’s senior diversity and inclusion officer will lead the formal review. 

Maynard, 63, has been at the Redlands for 32 years and has compiled an impressive 206-91-1 record. 

Protests have been raging across the United States for nearly two weeks following George Floyd’s death in police custody late last month. Video of his arrest, which showed a white Minneapolis police officer with his knee in the back of Floyd’s neck while he yelled out, “I can’t breathe,” quickly went viral. All four officers in his arrest have since been arrested themselves. 

Countless athletes and other prominent figures in the sports world have spoken out and joined in on the protests, which continued on Saturday, since his death.

“I honor the feelings of all who are conflicted, angry, or hurting, and I remain committed to providing strong, ethical leadership during these challenging and uncertain times,” Martinez said in a statement.

Mike Maynard, who has led the University of Redlands football program for 32 years, posted a tweet that “has been causing distress in our community.” (Lance King/Getty Images)

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