'Uncertainty throughout the whole season is difficult'

James Tarkowski and Seamus Coleman embrace
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Everton defender James Tarkowski says he is "proud" of how the team have dealt with "uncertainty" of the season.

The Toffees have dealt with two points deductions for breaking profit and sustainability rules, which left them fighting for their place in the Premier League.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live's Friday Football Social, Tarkowski said: "It was tough. It was just the uncertainty of what was going to happen a lot of the time. We got hit with the 10 points out of the blue, then it was about the appeal for so long.

"Then we got the second charge. We got some points back and then we thought we might get some more taken away, so that uncertainty throughout the whole season is difficult to deal with. But I think we have coped with it quite well.

"With everything that has been chucked at us, to get 48 points on the board with one game to go makes me proud of where we have come in a really difficult season."

Tarkowski also praised 35-year-old club captain Seamus Coleman, who has been offered a new contract, for his influence in helping the side get through the difficult season.

"There is just one standout character - Seamus Coleman. If anyone knows him, or has seen him work day to day, it is incredible.

"He is priceless to us for what he brings every day to the team and to the club. Even when he is injured he'll do a speech before the game, or maybe the day before he will galvanise us.

"He is just everything to Everton. He is basically a fan who plays for the club because of how much he does for them. We’ve got a few big characters, but Seamus is the standout one."

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