Your Ultimate 2024 Virgo Horoscope, as Predicted by a Celebrity Astrologer

Here's how celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas predicts the love lives, careers and intellectual pursuits of Virgo will be impacted in 2024

Getty Virgo zodiac sign.
Getty Virgo zodiac sign.

Go Virgo, go!

Marking the sixth sign of the zodiac, falling after Leo and before Libra, Virgo season spans from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 each year.

Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE exclusively that 2024 "brings many opportunities for all zodiac signs" in various facets of their lives — but for Virgo specifically, he predicts the new year "will make you feel like it's time for a change and to stand in your strength."

Since 2023, Thomas — who's known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers — says you've experienced both Saturn (the planet of hardship and life lessons) joined by Neptune (the planet of imagination and illusion) across the skies from you.

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As a result, Thomas says this could "deeply test your significant partnerships in business or love." On the other hand, he notes it could also "help you to dig down deep together as you map out your long-term visions side-by-side."

The areas that Thomas predicts will be impacted the most in 2024 include "true love and romance, creativity and passion, hobbies or sports, or even children and pregnancy." If you're feeling a weight on your shoulders at this time, he says it's a sign to "buckle down and understand your true needs."

Thomas' predictions derive from patterns based on "planetary movement," plus the stars' alignment with the sun and the moon. He says we will continue experiencing eclipses on the axis of Aries-Libra, so its corresponding themes "will be thrust center stage" regardless of your sign.

Read on for the ultimate 2024 Virgo horoscope, according to Kyle Thomas' predictions!

Health and Wellness

<p>Getty</p> Virgo zodiac sign.


Virgo zodiac sign.

Positivity is in the air for you this year, Virgo! Although it might feel difficult at times, you know how to push through.

Challenges may be present as a result of a Saturn opposition that is taking place now until 2026. Thomas says this can cause you to feel like "you’re under a dark cloud" or "meeting opposition with authority figures, enemies or partners at every turn."

However, think of these challenges as obstacles that you can overcome! Thomas says they're here "to help you to know your independence, resilience and autonomy." If you’ve suffered losses, a breakup or poor health, he says "this is a time to recommit to yourself so you can flourish and build a better foundation."

Despite the challenges, Thomas predicts the possibility of "signing excellent contracts" or "seeing growth in your collaborations" at this time.

On a positive note, some of you could be signing excellent contracts and seeing growth in your collaborations or getting married, having a child, or buying a house together.

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Family and Friendships

Get ready to widen your circle, Virgo! Thomas predicts 2024 will grant you "many opportunities for improved expansion and growth," particularly on a "personal or intellectual level."

Thomas says this will help you to feel "invigorated!" as Jupiter (the planet of expansion) dances in a perfect angle to you until June, which he notes will help you to "prosper and grow."

Other themes that may be impacted include "academics or intellectual pursuits, travel, media or publishing endeavors, spiritual communities, or international relations or business," he shares. "If you’d like to travel or move abroad, this is a milestone moment to do so."

Love and Relationships

<p>Getty</p> Virgo zodiac sign.


Virgo zodiac sign.

Get ready for a change in your love life, Virgo. Thomas says Pluto (the planet of intensity) is "still bringing transformations around your romantic life, fertility or children" — though he notes, "this will be over soon."

Thomas predicts a "major turning point" will take place "in the realm of partnerships." He specifies that it could be a time of "union or release" due to the eclispe that arrives in late autumn.

"Some of you could meet a soulmate, move in, get engaged or be wed," Thomas puts forth. If you are not in alignment, he predicts you could "decide it’s time to move apart once and for all."

Pluto will also bring a "radical rebirth around your productivity, physical health, employment and work projects this year," adds Thomas. "Be confident that change is coming and as long as you meet it head-on, you can persevere."

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Career and Productivity

Shoot for the stars, Virgo! Thomas predicts your professional life and finances could "help you to win big" in 2024.

This is thanks to Jupiter, which dances into your career zone from June onward. He explains how this planetary movement could aid you in "reaching higher in the realm of ambitions as you scale new heights."

You may see promotions, new job offers, favorable publicity, fame, glory or an exhilarating new career path" as a result. Plus, you have the eclipses that arrive in the spring and autumn to look forward to!

Thomas says both of these eclipses "will highlight money matters, potentially bringing a raise, new job offers, new clients, or a beginning or ending around an income stream." He adds, "Payouts, settlements, bonuses, royalties or inheritances could also manifest."

The end of 2024 may feel "slow and lethargic," however, with the onset of several retrogrades. "This is why it would be advised to strike swiftly throughout most of the year as soon as you can so that you can simply roll with the waves of life once the end of the year arrives," he says.

"Soar to vast, bright and brilliant new horizons this year," continues Thomas, who notes that 2025 will bring "even greater change for you!"

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