What are Ulez cameras and where are they located?

Bromley is the London borough that has the most vandalised Ulez cameras, according to data  (PA Wire)
Bromley is the London borough that has the most vandalised Ulez cameras, according to data (PA Wire)

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) was expanded to cover the entire capital and beyond on August 29, 2023.

The scheme, which aims to reduce air pollution in the city, requires drivers with non-compliant vehicles to pay a fee of £12.50 every time they drive around London.

To make the transition smoother, a long list of drivers and their vehicles have been given a grace period. Plus, a scrappage scheme was introduced to provide drivers with grants to replace their non-compliant vehicles with less polluting ones.

However, beyond these, those who continue to drive their non-compliant vehicles will be spotted and fined using Ulez cameras.

Here is a comprehensive look at what we know about Ulez cameras and where they are located.

What are Ulez cameras?

Ulez cameras are the cameras used by Transport for London (TfL) across the capital. They allow TfL to monitor the cars that enter and exit the zone.

The cameras record drivers’ number plates, which then get checked against a database to see if the vehicle complies with Ulez rules. If it doesn’t, then the drivers get charged a daily fee of £12.50.

Unless they have prepaid for their journey, drivers are required to pay the charge within 21 days. The charge can be paid through the official TfL portal, by setting up a TfL autopay account or over the phone.

Those who fail to pay will be given a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

When are the Ulez cameras on?

The Ulez cameras are constantly on, meaning they operate 24/7. The only exception is Christmas Day when there is no charge.

Ulez camera locations

Thus far, 1,775 Ulez cameras have been installed in London. TfL will continue to put more cameras up until it reaches its target of 2,750.

While the cameras aren’t able to cover all entrances and exits in the Ulez zone, TfL hasn’t disclosed which ones these are.

This website offers a camera map that displays where the known Ulez cameras are at the moment.

Why have Ulez cameras been vandalised?

One in four Ulez cameras across the areas that were included in the Ulez expansion have been targeted by vandals, according to the Telegraph.

Bromley was found to be the most affected borough, with data suggesting that 100 out of its 120 cameras were either missing or damaged.

Other boroughs where vandals appeared to have targeted high numbers of the cameras include Lewisham, Sutton and Bexley. The vandals are attacking the cameras because they disagree with the decision to expand the zone.

The Met Police has revealed that it is having to dedicate a “significant amount” of resources to tackling Ulez camera-related crime.