Ukrainian Drone Targets Russian Cameras on Rooftop in Kherson

A Ukrainian kamikaze drone targeted a Russian modern surveillance equipment installed on top of an industrial building outside Hola Prystan, Kherson Oblast, the Ukrainian military announced on Monday, May 22.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said a Russia “Ironiya” modern surveillance system, including a thermal imager, a rangefinder, and a video camera, had been destroyed by drone pilots with the Special Operations Forces (SOF). The equipment had helped Russian forces track Ukrainian personnel and equipment in the area, they said.

Footage captured by a camera mounted on the drone and released by the SOF shows the drone approaching the equipment on roof of a building at a state-owned grain mill west of Hola Prystan. The next shot, from another camera a short distance from the mill, shows an explosion on the rooftop.

Storyful could not independently confirm if the equipment seen in the video is an “Ironiya” surveillance system, nor if it was destroyed.

Additionally, the date of the strike was not disclosed and remains undetermined. The Russian Ministry of Defence reported drone attacks in the area on April 24 and May 15 but said those drones were shot down. On April 30, the pro-Russian Telegram channel Rybar reported Ukrainian strikes on civilian infrastructure facilities in Hola Pristan and nearby towns but did not provide further detail. Credit: SOF Ukraine via Storyful

Video transcript