TV show canned over 'sexy' supermarket segment

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An Italian TV show has been pulled from the air after a baffling segment advising women how to look sexy while shopping in the supermarket was slammed across the globe.

The show known as Detto Fatto, which translates to ‘No Sooner Said, Than Done’ is a morning breakfast program aired by Italy’s public broadcaster on the Rai 2 channel.

Ballerina Emily Angelillo performs 'sexist' supermarket sexy segment on Detto Fatto
The segment on Detto Fatto raised eyebrows, and complaints. Photo: RAI

The entire program has been pulled in the wake of the segment.

The controversial moment saw Italian ballerina and pole dancer, Emily Angelillo make an appearance on the show hosted by Italian journalist Bianca Guaccero.

During her appearance, she was shown pushing a trolley in high heels, going on to explain to women how they should arch their back when they reach for high shelves, and attractively lower themselves to one knee when picking something up.

At one point the dancer even advised ladies to pop a leg ‘for extra intrigue’.

Detto Fatto Emily Angelillo supermarket pick up dropped item moment sexy tips
Emily Angelillo showed ladies how best to pick up dropped items among other sexy 'tips'. Photo: RAI

"I would squat with one knee more bent than the other, keeping my legs closed so I don't spread my legs to make the situation more vulgar," she said in the baffling segment.

On Twitter, the segment was slammed as a perpetuation of ‘sexist’ gender stereotypes with the hashtag #dettofatto trending for days.


Adding insult to injury, the program aired on the November 24, the day before International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, something Italian politician Mariastella Gelmini pointed out in a tweet slamming the show, translated from Italian.

“Gender stereotypes die hard, but is this the image we want to give in 2020?” she tweeted alongside a clip of the segment. “[One the] #25novembre , we also talk about violence against women, but tomorrow - please - we will also talk about language and how some media still describe women today.”

Rai CEO, Fabrizo Salini, responded to criticism saying the segment “nothing to do with the spirit of the public service and with the editorial line of Rai."

He has since announced the program has been cancelled.

Host and guest apologise

Emily Angelillo pole dancer teacher poses
Emily Angelillo apologised for how the segment was portrayed but asked that the 'vicious' response slow down. Photo: Instagram/emilyangelillo

Both host Bianca Guaccero and guest Emily Angelillo apologised for the segment.

Emily Angelillo wrote that the segment was in fact supposed to be a tutorial on how to walk in teetering high heels, apologising for the way the segment came across, but pointed out the vicious response was doing her serious harm.

“The violence that has been unleashed against me on social media is destroying me emotionally and psychologically, as I have received and continue to receive a multitude of unspeakable slanders and insults that frighten me,” she wrote.

Bianca Guaccero Rai presenter apologises
Bianca Guaccero also apologised, taking responsibility for the segment. Photo: Getty Images

Bianca Guaccero apologised on behalf of the whole team and took responsibility for the program.

“I apologise to everyone for the superficiality with which this situation was handled by our entire team,” she wrote in a lengthy Twitter apology.

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