Turns Out, You Can Buy A To-Go Side Of Alfredo Sauce At Olive Garden

Macaroni Alfredo Sauce Cheese
Macaroni Alfredo Sauce Cheese - Tanya Consaul Photography/Shutterstock

Olive Garden is best known for its unlimited breadsticks, but the Italian-style chain boasts several compelling menu items, including its Alfredo sauce. Pasta with Alfredo sauce is one of the restaurant's two most popular dishes, with lasagna also making the cut. As for why Olive Garden's alfredo sauce is so delicious, it likely has to do with how creamy and cheesy it is (though the added garlic certainly helps). The flavorful white sauce makes the ideal comfort food. And as it turns out, you don't need to visit the restaurant to obtain its alfredo sauce and all the good feelings that come with it.

Anyone who frequents Olive Garden for its sauce alone will be glad to learn that the chain sells pints of it to go. Olive Garden's website confirms this, listing locations where pints of Alfredo sauce are offered on the menu. If you prefer the restaurant's meat or marinara sauce, those are also available by the pint. They sell for around $10.99 and are a bit pricier than your average jar sauce. However, they also tend to be superior in taste. If you're looking for a smaller portion, Olive Garden also offers Alfredo as a dipping sauce. This comes in four-ounce and eight-ounce sizes, and it even includes Olive Garden's breadsticks.

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Olive Garden's To-Go Alfredo Sauce Saves Time And Money

Fettucine Alfredo Sauce
Fettucine Alfredo Sauce - Tanya Consaul Photography/Shutterstock

Olive Garden's pint-sized Alfredo sauce might not be cheaper than the jarred sauce from the grocery store. However, purchasing it can be a money-saving alternative to eating at the restaurant. Rather than paying for an entire Italian-style meal, fans of Olive Garden's sauces can use them in their own cooking. Pasta dishes from Olive Garden are likely to cost more than $10.99. Making macaroni and a protein at home eliminates much of the additional cost, while splurging on the to-go sauce allows you to still capture Olive Garden's flavor.

Purchasing from Olive Garden directly also saves time, as it takes much longer to make a copycat Alfredo sauce than it does to heat a premade one. Olive Garden's to-go offering strikes the perfect balance between less authentic premade sauces and time-consuming homemade ones. It tastes better than what you'd find at the grocery store, but it doesn't require all the effort that comes with cooking sauce from scratch. Needless to say, this is a must-try option for pasta lovers.

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