'Trying to be an a**hole': Dana White slams Waleed Aly again

UFC boss Dana White has taken a second swipe at Waleed Aly over his ‘stupid and ridiculous’ interview on The Project.

Speaking to news.com at the GQ Man of the Year Awards on Wednesday night, White said Aly was simply “trying to be an a**hole”.

When asked if he thought Aly’s questions were tedious, White went on the attack.

“I don’t think it was tedious, I think it was stupid and ridiculous,” he said.

“I think for anybody who would think that that was set up, that we would take our biggest star, get him arrested and get him kicked out of the state of New York — the guy can’t fight in the state of New York any more, which is the biggest gate we ever did with Conor McGregor, which was $18 million.

Dana White has slammed Waleed again. Image: The Project

“To even say something like that, you’re completely uneducated about the sport and you’re just trying to be an a**hole.”

Aly has been widely condemned after he took White to task over the authenticity of the UFC.

White is in Australia to attend the GQ awards, as well as promote UFC Fight Night 142 in Adelaide and UFC 234 in Melbourne next February.

However, the majority of his time on The Project was spent defending the integrity of his organisation, after Aly suggested the UFC was “all over” the recent Conor McGregor-Khabib Nurmagomedov drama.

White was particularly perturbed by Aly’s criticism that McGregor wasn’t suspended for his infamous attack on a bus carrying some of his fiercest UFC rivals, suggesting that the incident was ‘staged’.

Following the uproar, White hit out at Aly in an interview with foxsports.com.au.

White has defended his organisation. Image: Getty

“It’s just crazy to me that anybody could believe that that’s staged, you know what I mean,” White said on Wednesday.

“First of all, the kid [McGregor] gets arrested, goes to jail, is being sued by everybody, and then is not allowed to fight in the state of New York anymore.

“The biggest fight we’ve ever done, gate-wise, was $18 million in New York, and we can’t go back in New York with Conor McGregor now. How does that even make sense?”

However White admitted he understood that “uneducated” people might think that way.

“It happens when you talk to really uneducated people; people who are uneducated about sport,” he said.

The aftermath of McGregor and Khabib’s notorious bout descended into chaos when the Russian leapt out of the octagon to attack one of McGregor’s team members.

Two of Nurmagomedov’s then jumped into the octagon to attack the Irish fighter.

It all followed the sensational attack by McGregor and his entourage on a bus carrying Nurmagomedov and his team before a UFC event in New York earlier in the year.

Aly took aim at White over both incidents, suggesting that the UFC boss was too lenient in his sanctions for the pair.