Try these hacks to organize your bathroom on a low budget

In this episode of ITK: Uncluttered, professional organizers Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly) show us easy storage steps to transform any bathroom. Through strategic placement of bathroom essentials and clear dividers that keep everything visible, Fillip and Jamie’s tips help you get ready with ease.

Step 1: Assess what your prime real estate is and optimize its storage

Whether your largest and most accessible storage space is a top vanity drawer or medicine cabinet, plan out where to keep each item based on how often you use it. The first shelf or closest drawer should be the everyday items you use most frequently, like toothbrushes or hair products. The next shelf up should be items like mouthwash, floss, razors and shaving cream that you might use every day or every other day. The top shelf is where you should store less-used items, like nail polish or extra makeup.

Fillip and Jamie suggest using clear plastic storage bins with visible labels to keep items of the same category together and easy to find. Use tall organizers for smaller items like Q-tips so you can fit more.

Step 2: Maximize the storage in a less-prime real estate area

Most bathrooms have large spaces under the sink that are harder to reach. Fillip and Jamie use stackable drawers like the Like-It Under The Sink Starter Kit to get the most out of this space. You can also use stick-on plastic storage bins inside cabinet drawers to get even more storage options.

“Bathrooms seem to never have enough space in them, so this is a really great way to add to that space and to that containment,” Fillip says.

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