"I tried HydraFacial's Keravive scalp facial to help with hair growth – this is what happened"

hydrafacial keravive hair loss treatment review
I tried HydraFacial's Keravive for hair lossHearst Owned

While I'm diligent with my skincare routine, I'm extraordinarily lazy when it comes to my hair. Growing up, I yearned for straight princess-like locks, but my reality was an untamable, knotty frizzball. As a result, I never took care of it. It just seemed like a waste of time. My naturally wavy texture worsened when I thought it would be a good idea to bleach it blonde. Oh, and wash it and straighten it every day too – the sizzling noise still haunts me. It's safe to say, my hair was never the same after that – even a decade later.

More importantly, I noticed breakage around my hairline. It never used to bother me until the slicked-back 'clean girl' bun came into fashion and I realised my hairline was seriously sparse. On top of that, I was then diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis (a form of scalp eczema). As you can see, it was all going really well.

I've since quit the heated hair tools (most of the time, anyway), drenched my strands in masks every week and regularly used a hair growth serum, which has all had a positive impact but not enough to make me feel comfortable wearing my hair in an updo.

Enter: HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment. I am loyal to a HydraFacial for my skin (I recommend it to everyone – think of me as your HydraFacial prophet), but doing it on my scalp? That was a whole other kettle of fish.

The scalp facial is designed to unclog pores, hydrate and deliver growth factors to help promote hair growth. While it wasn't claiming to be a miracle treatment to grow Rapunzel-esque hair overnight, it was suitable for hair like mine that just needed a boost in certain areas and can even be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments to make them more effective (more on that later).

Did HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment actually work though? I had to find out for myself.

hydrafacial keravive treatment review
HydraFacial - Hearst Owned

How does HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment work?

"It's important to understand how dry skin, or clogged follicles, dead skin cells and lack of circulation can all contribute to poor scalp health, which in turn can contribute towards poor hair quality," explains Dr Somji Munir, founder of Dr MediSpa and hair restoration specialist.

Hydrafacial's Keravive treatment works to purify, nourish and boost scalp circulation, whilst delivering growth factors and skin proteins. The method will help "the scalp's natural ability to produce keratin, stimulate blood vessels and improve microcirculation," says Dr Munir.

After the treatment, you get 90 days' worth of a potent cocktail containing a blend of peptides and growth factors to take home with you to spray on the area every day.

It's not just hair growth that this treatment will help with, but the general condition of it too, which in turn boasts an array of benefits. "The scalp and hair can suffer damaging effects from excessive washing, drying, heat styling devices, and a multitude of styling products. These can lead to poor scalp health and several conditions ranging from a dry flaky scalp to hair damage. This treatment can ‘re-boot’ your scalp health and improve hair quality," says Dr Munir.

I was advised I'd need three sessions roughly a month apart to see proper results, but this may vary for everyone. "I normally advise patients to wait at least three months after their final treatment – however some patients see results, in fuller, healthier hair much sooner," says Dr Munir.

Does HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment work on all hair types?

As previously mentioned, I've got a lot of fine wavy hair, but I was intrigued to see if it would work on different hair types.

"It isn’t so much hair types – but rather patients that may have a medical reason, underlying health issue, hereditary hair loss which would not be addressed by this treatment," says Dr Munir. "What I can say – is that it will nourish and support hair quality – hair is healthier, fuller, and glossier," he adds.

My therapist at the Natali Kelly clinic said the HydraFacial Keravive scalp facial is popular amongst patients also going through other types of hair loss treatments, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections) and Reginera (a non-surgical hair growth treatment that's based on capillary regenerative therapy), to help maximise effectiveness.

My review of HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment

As mentioned, I'm a huge fan of HydraFacial's skin treatment (I often doze off it's so relaxing), so I turned up in my lunch break expecting some ASMR-esque scalp massage vibes and was not disappointed.

The scalp treatment works the same way as the facial; a cleanse, some suction to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, and a hydrating booster treatment. My scalp didn't experience any soreness and I was done within an hour. Now, you do leave with wet hair but it's not greasy and by the time I returned to the office, my hair was basically dry. They advise not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours after, just to give your scalp the chance to soak up all the peptide goodness.

Ready for the gross part? If you're a fan of skin "gunk" you can visibly see all the flakes and excess sebum that was removed from my scalp below. Please enjoy.

hydrafacial keravive hair loss treatment review
All the dead skin cells and product build-up that was removed from my scalp after my first HydraFacial Keravive treatment. Hearst Owned

I washed my hair a few days later and immediately noticed my scalp felt fresher – no clamminess to see here – and my hair products seemed as if they were working harder, possibly due to my fresh canvas having cleared away any dead skin and product build-up. The dandruff and eczema I'd been struggling with for months had also cleared up – I'd say the treatment was a success just for that, but I was keen to carry on to see the hair growth benefits.

After my second treatment, I'd started to notice tuffets of baby hairs were growing around my hairline. Initially, I was annoyed (cowlicks are not a vibe) but then I realised this must mean my patchy hairline was filling out.

hydrafacial keravive hair loss treatment review
Hello, baby hairs. Hearst Owned

For reference, my first HydraFacial Keravive treatment took place in late November, with the third and final treatment taking place in February. So I hadn't spaced the appointments out quite as they'd advised – life gets in the way, what can you do? I was also not the best at remembering to spritz my HydraFacial cocktail every night either – whoops. But after my three completed sessions, these were my results:

hydrafacial keravive hair loss treatment
My hair before vs. after HydraFacial’s Keravive scalp treatment Hearst Owned
hydrafacial keravive hair loss treatment
My hair before vs. after HydraFacial’s Keravive scalp treatment Hearst Owned

I was seriously impressed with how much fuller my hairline looked. Obviously, I don't think you could rely on this scalp facial alone if you were suffering from severe hair loss or alopecia, but if you're experiencing some thinning or are struggling with hair sprouting in certain areas, this could be a great option.

HydraFacial's Keravive scalp treatment (one treatment and three take-home sprays) from £365.


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