Will Trent Just Revealed the Reason Behind Those Eerie Hallucinations

Will Trent just let audiences in on the deep-seated trauma responsible for Will’s hallucinations in Season 2.

It was in the ABC crime drama’s Feb. 20 premiere that Special Agent Trent was first visited by a vision of his 12-year-old self. “Something else from his childhood is coming up,” series star Ramón Rodríguez told TVLine at the time. “We don’t know what yet, and we don’t know how it is going to impact him, but we know that it’s got an essence of a haunting vibe.”

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Young Will returned in Episode 2, when his adult counterpart visited James Ulster in federal prison. He then resurfaced in Episode 4, which aired Tuesday.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Early on in the hour, Will was reunited with fellow foster care survivor-turned-private investigator “Pee Pee” Percy. After Percy handed Will everything he could dig up on Will’s long-lost uncle Antonio Miranda, he informed Will that their former foster dad, nicknamed “Sleeveless Jack,” had recently died of lung cancer.

The very mention of Sleeveless Jack resulted in yet another hallucination of Young Will. Jack, he said, was a “mean old bastard,” but he hung in there. “I had him getting clipped way sooner,” Percy cracked, before Will showed him the door.

<cite>ABC screenshot</cite>
ABC screenshot

Later on, while working a case, Will hallucinated again. This time, he confided in Faith.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” he said. “I might be losing my mind. I’m seeing… me. It’s me when I was 12. He’s been following me around.

“This foster dad, named Jack, killed his wife while I was there,” Will explained. But he couldn’t remember if he witnessed the murder. “My memory of that year is foggy.” And thus we’re left with more questions than we had before.

Among other major developments this week…

* Angie helped Crystal secure a waitressing gig. Ormewood was surprised to learn that his partner was still in touch with Crystal after she killed Lenny, but Angie insisted that they were not in constant communication.

* Ormewood returned home to find that his wife Gina had packed up her belongings and left him. “I’m sorry, Michael,” she said in a handwritten note. “I love you, but I have to go.”

* Amanda received an ominous phone call from an unknown number. “Amanda Wagner, it’s time to pay,” the person on the other end warned. That was followed by the discovery that someone had been in GBI headquarters after dark and carved the words “time to pay” into the elevator doors.

* As the hour drew to a close, Will picked up the phone and left a voicemail for his uncle: “Hello, this message is for Antonio Miranda. I’m Special Agent….” He stopped. “I’m the son of your sister, Lucy. My name is Will Trent.”

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